CrowsToes One Trick Pony

CrowsToes is one of my fave indie brands - always something interesting going on with her collections!  Here's One Trick Pony (cuz, obvs, it's not) from the 2013 mad crazy summer collection.

One Trick Pony is a purple-navy-charcoal holo, with plenty of different moods in different lights.  Since I just got in a package that included a couple of Hits Mari Moon that had been on my wishlist for a while, the ring finger additionally has a coat of Moonbow, a color-shifting micro-glitter.

In shade or low lighting, OTP's holo is very subdued, and you get a subtly shifting charcoal.  Moonbow was most obvious in these low-light situations.

outdoor, overcast lighting
In bright light (or with a camera flash), the purple base color & holo came to the front, and Moonbow sank into the rest of the rainbow.

In some lighting, it came up as more deep navy blue than purple.

I really like dark holos - rainbows that flash from deeeeeep colors are extra pretty.

Moonbow was a fantastic addition, and one that i'll be looking to play with over different base colors.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  OTP is a pretty holo with a subtle color shift.  It chipped far quicker on me than CT polishes usually do, and I think it may have been just a little too wintry for my summer mood.

Where to buy:  Llarowe carries both brands.



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