Enchanted Polish - July 2014

One of the things I cannot resist, is the very idea that I might be missing out on something.   So, since I've discovered Enchanted Polish does a monthly series, I order what I can get.  Even though I have no idea what's going to come out or even if I will like it.  It's a bit of Russian Roulette: Polish style, but I kind of hope that I can just get my money back by selling on Ebay or something.  I've started purchasing them in March and I haven't been unhappy yet.

So here's the newest batch, starting with the orange:   May, June, and July:

The orange is May, purple is June, and red is July.  The first three are other brands.
At first, I was really annoyed about May, the orange polish, because my skin tone usually has a stone cold had for anything with any warmth to it, but this orange has a bit of a burnt orange tone to it, and as I had Digital Nails's "Hook 'em" on the wishlist, I think this will take care of that need.  I love the middle purple, June, it actually has a duochrome look to it, and it's the most strongly linear (all three are linear holos).   July was way too warm in the bottle, it looked more like that classic brick red that I wish I could get away with.  And then I swatched it, and it looked very much like a true red to me.   Because the holo is more subtle, it doesn't shift warm or cool like so many red holos do.   I think this is easily one of my two best reds (Colors by Llarowe's Mighty Red Baron is another awesome red).

June and July were both one coaters for me, which was kinda awesome.

These first two bottle pics sort of show you that the holo isn't crazy, but is most definitely there.  I am not a fan of really strong linear holos, so this pleases me greatly.   I think the bottle in the sun pic shows how it looks a little warmer, and might be a little off-putting to a warm-ophobe like me, but it works well on the nail.


Indirect sun/shade

You will have to forgive all of the posts, I'm rather enamored of my garden, and love using garden props to color correct instead of boring ol' software ;)  Against the zinnias, and the tomatoes, I think it shows that it really reads true red, only seeming to color shift depending on what it's paired with.  This red holo is truly awesome.

Against that flame zinnia, it keeps its true redness.  I should add at this point that the pigment is so rich that it only required one coat.   All of this deep redness.  One.  Coat.

The downside was that the formula was a little thick.  It dried really fast as well, so I had a bit of a fight with it, because thick and drying fast means it got a little lumpy as I was trying to apply it and smooth it out.  It did not self level well.  I hope that hitting it with a little thinner should take care of that problem.

And while it is a nice bright red, which is great for any time of year, the holo doesn't make me feel like I'm being terribly un-professional at the office.

Enchanteds don't typically wear well on me, and this polish did chip within the first day.   But other than minor immediate chipping, it didn't fail overall (some of my polishes - once they start, they're not happy until they look like a trainwreck).

So yes, a true red that looks good in one coat is almost an automatic winner.   I might try this polish with another topcoat (I used HK, which is usually my go-to winner, but sometimes I know that chemistry matters).  I'm looking forward to more of Enchanted's mystery polishes, but I really should work harder on wearing more of their stuff.



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