Darling Diva Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

The description for Darling Diva's recently launched Don't Call Me, I'll Call You says, "Every once in a while I make a polish that makes me seriously hold my breath its so pretty. This polish made me do that."  The swatch pic had me agreeing completely, so that came right on home to me.

indoor CFLs
This bottle shot has everything you need to know:  deep, dark, saturated wine color, nice linear holo flame, and rose gold flakies.  I'm a big fan of holos that have a little extra something that makes them gorgeous in both bright and lower lighting, and this certainly delivers.

outdoor, mixed sun and shade
With even a little light, the holo peeks out - bright sun isn't necessary to get that rainbow flash of predominantly blue and red.

indoor, indirect sunlight
DCMICY is saturated enough that it looked good at one coat and almost left it that way.  I added a second and the color was even richer, but if you paint thick coats, the one may be enough.  I really love dark holos like this - most linear holos are lighter/brighter colors that can look a little dusty in lower light, but on the few occasions that someone can get richly saturated color AND ranbows?  Love.

indoor CF lighting
No matter how low the light, though, the darkness of the color goes to vampy, but never black.  And in low light, you get a bit of shimmery sparkle, and some gorgeous flakes.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
They're not the sort of thing that would be obvious at arm's length, except for a subtle, near-metallic flash.  But they definitely add something lovely to this deep wine that a polish junkie like me notices constantly.

To match the pinky-gold of the flakies, in bright light, the center of the holo has a pink flash.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Love all around!

Where to buy:  Darling Diva stocks at Llarowe, or buy directly from her store.



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