Orly Fantasea

After buying books for years on Amazon, they've totally figured me out.  More than once, when they've put a new book on the very top of the recommendations pile, it ends up being for very good reason.  A while back, I was looking for something totally unrelated, and Amazon had Orly's Fantasea as a top rec for me.  Whaaa?  Random pinkish stuff?  Why?  Well, it took me looking at about 2 swatches online to realize they were 100% right, I did need this.

indoor, indirect sunlight
Fantasea has nothing aquatic about it at all, other than its pearlescent glow.  In most lights, it's a dilute/soft purple, but it's light enough that it sometimes appears closer to "radiant orchid" pink.

outdoor, early evening indirect light
It's fairly sheer, and needs 3 coats to get to what you see here.  In bright lighting, I had a subtle VNL, but that seems to look right with this polish, so NBD.

outdoor, direct sunlight
The brighter the lighting, the more firey the rose gold shimmer is, switching from pearly to glowy, and occasionally approaching a reddish copper color.

indoor CFLs.  oooh, shimmery!
The shimmer isn't truly duochromatic - it's rosy gold even at acute angles - but it does play off the base color differently in different lighting.

outdoor direct light
Just gorgeous.  AND it wore like iron, with only minor, even edgewear after 3 days.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.

Where to buy:  anywhere Orly polish is sold (Ulta, Sally's, etc).  And, apparently, Amazon.com.



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