CoverGirl Scalding Emerald (+China Glaze Cherish)

In what I consider a hilarious bit of irony, CoverGirl released a whole truckload of makeup as a tie-in for the most recent Hunger Games movie (it's like the didn't read the book or get the point there... like releasing fashionable red Handmaid's Tale cloaks).  The nail polish was all in mini "glosstinis," most of which are glass flecks with fire names.  When I found them on clearance for $1.75 at Ulta, I snapped up a few.  Scalding Emerald is a very sheer color, so to get the bottle color, I layered over China Glaze Cherish.

indoor CFL.  one coat, no cleanup
Cherish is an older (~2009ish?) faded dollar bill green that has a very skinny brush and a pretty terrific formula.  Though it has a frosty look, it was relatively free of brush strokes, and one coat covered very nicely (a huge plus in an undies polish).  I layered 2 coats of Scalding Emerald over Cherish for the rest of the pics.

outdoor, direct sunlight
SE is a sparkly glass fleck with predominantly green and bronze flashes.  The macro shows you a hint of the subtle fuchsia and blue twinkles mixed in there.

I got a lot of compliments on this one - the complexity of the shimmer was a big hit.

indirect late afternoon light

Interestingly enough, though Cherish underneath made the final color match what's in the bottle, by itself it's apparent that SE is in more of a smoke-colored base, rather than a green one.

index 2 coats, middle 1 coat, ring & pinky 2 coats over Cherish
It's possible to have this be nearly opaque after 3 coats, or to use it at one or two as a layering polish.  The smoky taupe base color would alter the final color enough that picking the right undies may be tricky. The glass fleck is more obvious solo, and I think this is the same kind of multi-colored sparkle that OPI put in TheWorld Is Not Enough and On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars for both.  Nice muted colors with a little pop, wears decently, and the mini is now really inexpensive on sale.

Where to buy:  CoverGirl polishes are available pretty much everywhere.  China Glaze is found at Ulta or other beauty supply stores, though this color is old enough that you may need to cruise on ebay for it.



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