Sinful Colors Mint Tropics

Walgreens was recently having their 99cent Sinful Colors sale, which had me searching for swatches on my phone for the 2 lovely greens that caught my eye.  Checking out other people's opinions on Mint Tropics, I came across this right here from Liesl Loves Pretty Things.  To even sorta kinda a little bit suggest that I could squash my OPI Damone Roberts 1968 lemming for less than a buck had me tossing that bottle right on into the cart pronto.

indoor CFLs
Mint tropics is a light but bright green of somewhat less than stellar formula.  To completely rehash Liesl's blog post there, it's a little watery and prone to flooding, it definitely takes 3 coats to even things out, and it's reeeeeeeeeeally tricky to accurately photograph (exactly like DR1968 is rumored to be).  I haven't color-adjusted anything here because I think it'd be futile.  MT does tilt a little more blue or a little dustier or a little more saturated depending on the lighting, so at least the idea of the different "looks" in these pics is right.

Since I'm not often a plain crème wearer, I top coated this with Northern Lights for just a touch of sparkle.

In some lighting, it was way bright:

In softer lighting, it was much more subdued:

Next to leaves & grass, it was definitely not yellow enough to be kelly green:

And next to the cool, minty aqua color of my office walls, it's clearly not blue enough for mint green:
this is one of those weird camera trick things.  IRL this color never lobster-handed me, but it does here solely due to the camera trying (unsuccessfully) to figure out what color everything is.
I'm calling this more jade than pistachio, but of course, color names are entirely subjective.  Mint Tropics is definitely a very wearable, lovely green.

One of DR1968's claim to fame is that it's a very near match to Chanel Jade, minus Jade's subtle shimmer.  Well what have we here...

Pure Ice is another super inexpensive drug store brand, unfortunately found only at walmart.  Heartbreaker is a stunning shimmery emerald green in the bottle that goes on almost completely clear - only the shimmer particles end up really visible on the nail, and trying to get this to opacity by itself would be a fool's game.  Add it to Mint Tropics, though, and for a grand total of $3, I'm going to try really hard to convince myself that it's close enough to all my saturated pastel green lemmings.

check out the almost duochromatic nature of the green shimmer - sometimes it's emerald, sometimes teal-ish.
Rating:  4 stars all around.  Yeah, Mint Tropics' formula was kinda wonky, but I managed to get it smooth, the color is great, and even with the many coats, it wore great for 3+ days.

Where to buy:  Sinful Colors is available at most drugstores (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens), big-box stores, and even a few grocery stores.  Pure Ice is a walmart-only thing.  each of them are $2 when not on sale.



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