Dance Legend Road to Nowhere

I have a professional event the next couple of days, so I picked out something a little more work-appropriate than flaming green, and just have a quick post on Dance Legend's Road to Nowhere.

Road to Nowhere is part of DL's wow prism collection, a large batch of polishes with similar finish in an array of colors.  Most are jellies with chunky scattered holo particles, and RtN is a rich mahogany brown.  It's gorgeous on my skin tone, full of lovely sparkles, and dries to a fantastic gloss even before I top coated it.

Unfortunately, I appear to be on a losing streak of polishes from brands I love that are weirdly chipping quick on me.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Despite the chippy bizness, this color is exactly what I'd wanted it to be.  Office appropriate if you're ok with a little kick.

Where to buy:  DL's list of international stockists.



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