Revlon Whimsical (and OPI Mermaid's Tears)

Somewhen last year, a polish buddy posted an utterly charming pic of her fave springtime sparkle, Revlon Whimsical.  As soon as I saw that one, I snapped it up the next day... and of course, never got around to wearing it until this week.

Though these two bottles look pretty even in opacity, Whimsical is a sheerly translucent milky-jelly, so I've layered it here over the closest base in my stash, OPI Mermaid's Tears.  Whimsical is laced with pink and blue hexagonal glitter in 2 sizes, making this a pretty perfect springtime look.

outdoor, indirect, overcast sunlight
I've got 2 coats of each here.  I was hoping to keep the bulk down, but that first coat of MT went on extremely streaky, as though the stiffness of the brush carved permanent lines into the crème formula.  Weird, I sure don't remember this polish as being finicky, but 2 coats evened things smoothly enough to proceed to 2 coats of Whimsical.  I dabbled Whimsical on to try and bloop on as much glitter as Whimsical holds, but in the macro pics, I can tell the unevenness of application led to some bubbling (fortunately hidden by the bubbles being the same size as glitter bits).  All in all, this mani went on a little more fussy than I'd wanted it to.

Still, it's pretty, and a little more softly girly than my typical, so it's a nice change.

It occurred to me that if I'm going to review something for myself, trying it only as a layering polish is kinda cheating (unless, of course, it's intended to be just for layering).  Other comments on the interwebs were quite conflicting as to what Whimsical was good for, or how to use it: plenty of people love it's softness by itself, while others say that building it to opacity is impossible.  Likewise, plenty of debates as to whether the glitter was too sparse or if it was perfectly easy to work with.  Experiment time!!

Here's 3 coats solo of Whimsical, no topcoat, no cleanup.  On my middle finger, I've done medium-thick coats with the standard swipe sort of method.  On my ring finger, I repeated the dabbling trick.  To my eye, the dabbling method yields a little more glitter, but also a little deeper color... but yep, it's also bubbled, and has a subtly lumpy texture.  The swiped-on coats dry glass-smooth and super shiny.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Way cute, but undies are definitely a must (the yellowish tint to the aqua makes my nails look stained, and they're definitely not IRL), and it's a little more fussy than flawless.  Wear time is about average, with some edgewear and minor chips by the 3rd day.

Where to buy:  Revlon is found at most grocery and drug stores.



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