Color Club - Poptastic 2014, Right on and Kapow

I am in the grip of a neon love right now.   When the neons started coming out earlier this year, I was very "meh" on them, but they've grown on me.  Immensely so.  At this point I'm trying to not buy out every collection I see (I'm so easy).

Color Club came out with a Poptastic collection in 2011, so when they started putting out the ones in 2014, I had a hard time finding swatches online.  I ended up ordering just the pink and purple from the collection (to go with all of the other pinks and purples I already have).

They have an easy formula, nothing crazy awesome, but at 4-5$/bottle, I don't need them to be perfect.   The color and intensity was insane, especially on Kapow, and the shimmer was really nice (vs the cremes, crellies, and jellies I've been seeing).   I didn't need the white base on these to make their color pop like crazy, though it certainly didn't hurt when I tried it.

First - Right on, the purple in the collection:

Fantastic sparkle, nice bright color.  Admittedly, it's not the most unique in the world, but it's a solid A, and exactly what I can use in case I want bright but not "flash from across the street" bright.   Very summer, not too obnoxious.

And then Kapow happened:

Obnoxious is a great word for this polish.  Forgive me the blurry shot (and my key fob), but this was the only one I could get the blue flash in.   It does that.  ALL THE TIME, but my camera wasn't feeling generous.

This photo is very good at showing off how insanely bright it is.  It's glowing in the shade.  I'm not entirely sure that camera phones are programmed to pick up that kinds of intensity.  But yes.  Obnoxious.  EVERYONE will notice your nails, because you have just burnt their retinas away.

These other two make it look toned down.  I'm not sure if it was the flowers (amaranthus and buddleia, respectively) that made my camera calm down, but these colors are so very pretty.

And for some bonus kicks - this is Kapow with a layer of Dance Legend 180 on top.  It's a silver to black thermal, which happens to be my favorite thermal of them all.  Unfortunately the grey/silver of the warm coat does tone down the pink a bit, but over all I kinda loved it.

Holding a cocktail to keep the black going, that's why my pointer is funky.

So that's two of the neons I've played with this summer.  I have a few more of them, but I'm trying not to be obnoxious.  Theoretically, I do play a professional at work.

I do recommend these ColorClubs.  I bought them off of Ebay for the best price, though they're sold wherever ColorClubs can be procured (Llarowe, Amazon, etc...)



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