Ludurana Onda de Luz

The Supernova collection from Brazilian maker Ludurana is a group of linear holos, with most of them also being somewhat duochromatic.  This one is Onda de Luz (in english: Ray of Light).

indoor CF lighting
OdL is a warm copper-to-rose subtle duochrome with a fine linear holo - the holo particles are very small, so this dries glass-smooth, and the holo has a lovely sparkling quality.  The holo isn't at all shy, and is at least subtly visible in all but very low light.  The holo flame is mostly the yellow-green part of the rainbow, which is a nice pop of contrast against the rosy coral base color.

direct sunlight
The fineness of the holo particles mean that they don't particularly grey out the base color when they're not obvious, and the low-light look is a sort of pearly glow.

indoor, indirect late afternoon sunlight
Lower light of course shows off the duochrome shift between rose and copper optimally... but super bright light amps up a copper blaze.

indirect sunlight
super direct sunlight
In bright light, the duochrome shows up as a rosy pink flash in the center of the holo arc.  From the outdoor bottle shot, you can see that it's pretty sheer, and there are certainly people layering this over black.  This only took 2 coats, though, and I think the color shift is perfectly nice without undies.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Nice application, average wear time, pretty sparkles.  It's all good.  This polish is marketed as being scented, but it's not powerful at all (which is 100% fine with me).  Wet, of course, the stuff just smells like paint.  When dry (under a layer of topcoat), there was a subtle floral baby powder scent that didn't linger much past 24 hours, and wasn't at all obnoxious.

Where to buy:  Ludurana polishes can be bought in the US from Color 4 Nails.



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