KB Shimmer Plum Tuckered Out

KB shimmer's big collections are typically pretty varied - at least one each of a crème, a glitter bomb, and lately a holo - so there's often at least one that strikes my fancy.  Plum Tuckered Out was a collaboration shade with Pointless Cafe.

PTO is a vampy take on the "radiant orchid color of the year" business.  It's definitely plum, far more red than a royal purple, and though it was richly dark, it never pulled a surprise-black on me.  The first coat of this crelly was sheer-to-streaky, but the second evened things right out.  I eventually did about 2 and a half, but a 3rd coat probably would have been a better idea.

outdoor, full sunlight
Tucked within the plum base is a generous scattering of cobalt blue chunky shimmer that's more obvious in bright light.  I do wish the blue fire was able to peek out of the base more, but it is a really pretty contrast.

same direct sunlight
Wear time was surprisingly good, considering how nearly jelly-like the finish was (jellies tend to wear right off my nails rather quickly).  Most of these pics are after 3 days of wear, and I ended up wearing this for about 4 without it looking trashed out.  Nice!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  Super  vampy color with a pretty decent formula, and an interesting contrast that I wish was a little more obvious.

Where to buy:  KB Shimmer



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