Scarab by Illamasqua

Oh sweet, sweet Scarab.  
I adore Illamasqua's polishes (well, I've got two, so it's plural), and I love red like I love puppies, so getting Scarab was a no brainer.

Now, when I pulled out the bottle, I thought it looked a lot like Orly Smolder, so that's what you're seeing on my index finger.  So it's a post, with a bit of comparison content (I eventually just went over my pointer with a coat of Scarab).

This color is killer.
It's at the more maroon end of burgundy, with a gorgeous flash, and it's just magnificent.



One of my top 5 polishes (as if I could just pick 5 of my babies).   I love a good red, and this one coater is everything the doctor could order.  Killer pigmentation, easy application, the formula is to die for.



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