Femme Fatale Mirror of Dawn

Femme Fatale is a new-to-me Aussie polish maker that recently had a series of shimmering holos (the sort that flash another color in addition to flashing rainbows).  The first of the 3 I picked up is Mirror of Dawn.

indoor CF lighting
Dawn is a pewter-silver holo that's packed with very fine bronze-gold shimmer.  The shimmer is fine enough that the shift between silver and gold looks rather duochromatic, but this is definitely 2 different pigments and not one color-shifting pigment (scientist polish nerd must accurately categorize!!!!).  The silver base is a pewter color cool enough to be somewhat blueish when the gold isn't around.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
But it takes barely a tilt toward the light for the not-at-all-shy gold shimmer to creep across, yep, like dawn breaking over the grey.

h/t to Suzy for the produce-as-prop beauty!
The more intense the direct light, the more obvious the gold flash becomes, with the holo making an appearance, too, as the light gets brighter.

The gold-in-silver reminds me of a more shimmery Takko Electric Apple.

with flash
The formula was 2 coats of a very nice thickness that didn't puddle in my cuticles, with a great brush to boot.  When I was done, I somehow ended up with a couple of small bits on a few nails.  Nothing too noticeable, but I'm still not sure if those were clumps of holo, or overlooked imperfections on my nail surface.

Rating:  4 out of 5.  Suzy keeps telling me she's pretty much over plain linear holos, but these ones with a little something extra really do it for me.

Where to buy:  scroll all the way down on their 'about us' page to find Femme Fatale's international stockists.  My go-to is Color4Nails (check her FB page for sales!).



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