NYC Empire State Blue

NYC (or New York Color) is a drugstore brand with both classic and trendy colors, and a quick-dry topcoat that plenty of people on ye old interwebs swear by.  Empire State Blue is the first I've tried from them.

indoor CF lighting
ESB is a medium cobalt blue packed with emerald/aqua shimmer.

The bottle shot up top is in fact accurate, the polish is BLUE and not teal, but the carribean shimmer absolutely makes this lean teal in most lights.  Plenty of times, there's blue around the edges of the nail (again, in the first pic) with a firey green heart, but in other lighting, it's overall a teal-y shimmer.

indoor office fluorescents
It goes on plenty smooth, dries quickly, and has a perfectly fine formula - no crazy puddling in the cuticles or thick gloopy mess.

indoor indirect sunlight
Weirdly enough, when putting on topcoat, it was almost like the TC wanted to pull and slide off, as though this had its own TC already slicking it up.  No matter, a thicker bead of TC worked fine, but it was shiny enough on its own to not require any.

outdoor indirect light
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  The subtle play between is it blue or is it teal was awfully fun, and a formula this nice just isn't expected in something I paid a buck for.  Bonus points for wearing like iron with no chipping after 3 days.  Nice.

Where to buy:  NYC polishes are pretty easy to find at drugstores & big-box places - try Rite Aid, CVS, Target, or Walmart.



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