Sinful Colors Peppered Amazon + OPI Crown Me Already

A picnic party at work somehow had a bunch of us deciding that it was green nail polish day, so it was time to try out Peppered Amazon, from Sinful Colors' summer collection.

indoor CF lighting
Peppered Amazon is neither peppery, nor colored like an Amazon parrot.  It's a richly saturated jade green (that has a tendency to stain the hell out of one's cuticles, so paint careful, folks!) that's packed with very fine silver shimmer.  It dries totally smooth and shiny on its own, and is easily opaque in 2 coats.  I decided to amp up the silver with a rough french tip in OPI Crown Me Already.

CMA is silver glitter in 2 sizes in a clear base.  The glitter payoff is great - this is all one coat over PA - but the larger glitters come out more sparsely than you'd like (you need to place the bigger pieces a little more intentionally).

check out the silvery shimmer in Peppered Amazon

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  This is a really nice green on its own, with plenty of layering potential, too.  Watch out for the skin staining, though.

Where to buy:  Sinful Colors is found at most drugstores, and I typically find the best displays of new collections at Walgreens.



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