Dance Legend Solar Eclipse

Right about the time that Picture Polish released their limited edition space-themed sheer duochromes with a splash of holo glitter, Dance Legend went and did the same, right up to using space-themed names.  While most of them were dupes of the colors, one look at DL's official blogger's swatches of the rich emerald green one had me hooked, since as I've now concretely determined, I am a hopeless sucker for green-to-purple shifters.

indoor CF lighting
DL's Galaxy collection is described as being opaque enough to not need black undies, which is the only difference I can tell between them and the PP offerings.  The first coat is certainly sheer enough that if you wanted to use it as a layering polish, you could:

one coat, indoor CF lighting

Two coats quickly built it up to visible opacity, but at times I could certainly see through it more than I'd want to.

outdoor, indirect late afternoon sunlight
Absolutely everything about Solar Eclipse is the same as my experience with the PP space polishes:  the base is sheer greyish, the color shift is nice, the chunky holo glitter is the same particle size, and that glitter typically appears silver, only rarely prismatic at all.

The shift is gorgeous - hey, there's a reason I keep swooning over these duochromes.

there's a leeeeetle bit of rainbow sparkle here
it hits that purple at steep angles with no trouble
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars:  oh, yes, it's pretty, but much like the PPs, that jelly finish just doesn't wear great for me, and I don't think the mostly silver glitter bits are all that super.  



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