Prince's Plums by Butter London

Let me tell you a story about this polish.

Once upon a time, someone mentioned that butter London had some Nordie's exclusive called Prince's Plums.   I am not a huge fan of butter London because of personal chemistry issues (it lasts precisely not at all on me), but I googled and googled and found one picture of PP that looked good enough to make a decision on.

And I went home, and went back out in the driving rain, with a migraine, to the mall to go to Nordstrom's, looking like something the drugged cat dragged in to buy this polish.  

The Sales associates looked unimpressed with me.  Whatever.  I was there on a mission.

And this polish is worth it.  It's purple, but with a mulberry-plum-red base that shows off at the edges.  And it flashes different colors and totally glows.

My boss.  MY BOSS, who has absolutely no understanding of my polish needs actually complimented me on this one.

FLASH!  There's the red... and the sparkle!

Against my "black raspberry" wall.  It looks exceptionally bright (flash, I think)

Indoor, incandescent.




outside, indirect sun.. isn't it pretty with my kale?

Captive dog - flash, again.

There is all kinds of shimmer and sparkle and glow.  Blue, red, purple, it's all there.  It's terribly unique and I adore it.

It is/was a Nordie's exclusive, although I think you can get it on the bL website as well.



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