Digital Nails Nox

Apparently, it was thermals for both of us this week.  I have Digital Nails Nox here, and it's my new fave thermal.

no special tricks - this was how my nails looked most of the time
Nox was part of a recent Harry Potter spells collection, each of which has a little "something" extra (thermals, holos, etc).  The color transition really hit the sweet spot of temperature shift for me, since I've had the fun french-tip effect pretty frequently with this one.

after dunking in cold water to get the spectrum of colors all at once

check out the color shift in the bottle
When room temperature or cold, it's a rich midnight sapphire blue that shifts to a pale icy blue when warm.  It's packed with duochrome sparkle that shifts from electric blue to reddish purple, and the interaction between the sparkle and the temperature means that my nails were different colors all the time.

With a tilt, the sparkle went from blue to red-purple.

Occasionally, when temperatures are just in equilibrium, I ended up with an in-between lavender shimmer.

Like a lot of modern thermals, the color-changing pigment makes the polish thick and a little tricky to work with.  It doesn't coat evenly, it's not self-leveling, and it'll start to drag a bit if you brush back over areas a lot, so if you can paint the whole nail in one swoop of a thin coat, that's ideal.  Thicker, uneven coats mean this is going to chip after a couple of days.  It also dries down to a very matte finish that's not going to show off the sparkle to advantage at all.  I'm not sure how thinner will impact the thermal pigment, but if this was a regular bottle of polish that applied this way, I'd definitely add a few drops to try and even it out.  Almost all of the finicky things about it are easily and completely solved with one layer of high-shine topcoat, which smooths out the appearance and texture right away, and improves the wear.  Basically, if you feel a little iffy about it, wait until the top coat goes on.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.  Despite the quick chipping and steady painting hand needed, this color is fantastic, and absolutely one where I can't stop peeking at my nails all day to see what they look like right then.

Where to buy:  Digital Nails etsy store.



  1. So, Nox officially is a magical polish that suits every human.

  2. Yep, it certainly appears that way! Totally one of my forever-fave thermals.


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