4th of July Stamping

I love me some holiday nail art, and my growing pile of stamping plates had plenty of cute images to chose from for 4th of July!

indoor, bright CF lighting
I gave up on trying to get close enough to an actual white holo and pounced on a bottle of Enchanted Polish's Winter that came up on a destash recently, and it's just fantastic.  Baaaaaarely grey is balanced out by a subtle near-gold flash, and it only needed 2 smooth coats.  Love!

outdoor, late afternoon daylight
Index and middle fingers are Winter, ring and thumbs are Orly Wonder Woman, and pinky is Llarowe's CBL Addicts Blue Me Away.  Blue Me Away is a gorgeous OCW that's unfortunately rather chippy on me, but completely redeemed by it's fantastic stamping powers - all the blue stamps here are using that as well.  The Stars on my pinky are from MoYou's Festive plate 39, while the flag, lady liberty, and star banner are all from Born Pretty's BP-39 plate.  Both plates were etched nicely and worked great!



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