OCC Black Metal Dahlia

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has a thing for lushly glowy colors...that somehow have managed to sit around on mount untried for months and months, like things do around here.  When the man picked red for his color prompt this week, it was clearly time to crack one open.

indoor, bright CF lighting
OCC Black Metal Dahlia is a drop-dead gorgeous scarlet metallic.  It's so shiny that there's an almost berry flash in the middle that fades into almost blackened edges - a real "glowing from within" sort of color.  NB: OCC makes another shade called simply "Black Dahlia," a very dark oxblood creme, so check the name closely to get the one you actually want.

late afternoon sunlight
It's almost a one-coater, but I've used 2 here, and in hindsight a single slightly thicker coat may have been a better bet to keep things in total thinner.  OCC's super tall flat bottle means you have to work quickly before an unexpectedly big volume of polish starts to drip down the long brush stem.  The end result was a little thicker than necessary, which means more risk for chipping. Also, a red this dark means painting carefully to avoid needing to clean up a whole lot is a very very good idea that's very very difficult with a dripping brush stem.  

late afternoon sunlight
The color, though, is just YASSS.  Vampy as hell without getting anywhere near black, super shiny, very luxe.  Obviously, stamping on such a base has to be pretty sharp, so I've gone with the fantastically art deco intersecting diamonds & lines pattern on BornPretty BP-43, using MoYou London Galaxy.  I'm totally in love with the softly shimmering gunmetal, darker by a good bit than true silver.

window filtered overcast daylight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  Love the color, but this polish sadly got chippy on me quite quickly.  Noticeable edgewear showed up within 24h, and the first chip by 2 days.  Waaaaaaaa.  Here's hoping a single coat solves some of this.

Where to buy:  direct from OCC, or at Nordstrom or Amazon.



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