NerdLacquer Octarine

We had a going-away party this past Friday for a coworker who I totally love, whose fave color is purple, and who has totally been a nail polish buddy.  All that together added up to sparkly purple I <3 you nails.

indoor, bright CF lighting
NerdLacquer Octarine is a super sparkly lavender purple, packed with tons of glassfleck and maybe microflake shimmer in at least a few colors - I see blue, pink, and gold for sure, but maybe more?  It's fully opaque in 2 coats, but the quantity of shimmer in there made it thicker than ideal, and prone to sticking to itself and pulling if the brush went by the same spot twice.  I'll definitely be thinning it before wearing again.

bright window-filtered sunlight
It's so bright and sparkly that it appears nearly silver in bright sunlight.  I've stamped over it using the heart pattern from the BundleMonster water marble plate, BMXL-210.

early morning daylight
This plate is a fave, perfectly etched, and works well with every polish I've tried so far, this time with Hit the Bottle's Paint the Town Violet.

window-filtered daylight
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.  I liked the blingy color a whole lot, but the formula was less than easy to work with.

Where to buy:  direct from NerdLacquer's web store.



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