OPI My Gecko Does Tricks

Sally's had a big ol' clearance sale a few months ago, and while none of the OPI Hawaii collection originally caught my eye in press release pics, this one's shiny glow was undeniable for a couple of bucks.

indoor, bright CF lighting
My Gecko Does Tricks is a super bright lime green pearl.  The first coat is pretty sheer and watery (note the obvious clear bubble in the bottle shot), but the 2nd covers things nicely.  Added fun fact:  Gecko is a secret duochrome!

indoor, CF lighting
Well, if it's going to just sit there and be copper sometimes, it might as well get stamped in copper, right?

outdoor, bright sunlight
I've added some fun dragon scales here, the image that originally made me buy Messy Mansion's "scaly things" plate 21, with Hit The Bottle's Copper Haired Girl.  Both the plate and the polish are fantastic and easy to use.

indirect early morning daylight
Like a lot of pearl finish polishes, Gecko picks up a glowy metallic look in lower lighting.  I was loving the way duochrome blended into the stamping at angles:

outdoor, overcast daylight
Rating:  a solid 3 of 5 stars for Gecko.  The edges wore a good deal more quickly than ideal, and it is a crazy loud color, but it's a keeper.

Where to buy:  at any beauty supply or online store where OPI is sold.



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