RBL Liberty

You have those times where you see someone else's swatches of a polish and HAVE to get it and then on you it's not so perfect?  Yeah, well...

indoor, CF lighting
Rescue Beauty Lounge closed their doors not too long ago, making some of their older discontinued shades even more HTF than before.  Liberty is a cool celery/verdigris green, with a subtle silvery blue shimmer, all of which is so right up my alley that this had been a lemming for a while now.

window-filtered overcast daylight
The shimmer was more prominent in the bottle than on the nail, with the most obvious shimmery spot being the cuticle edges after i'd cleaned up, but present enough to sparkle in the right light.

outdoor, bright daylight
The shade of green is a very natural and earthy-looking mint, with its muted qualities most obvious when compared to true (actual) grass green.  Cool, pretty, springtime chic in a bottle.

window-filtered overcast daylight
But let's talk about this here formula.  Liberty is a hot mess, super streaky and uneven on the first coat, where the firmness of the brush cuts grooves into a polish that's both thin enough to flood cuticles and so thick it holds the grooves instead of quickly self-leveling.  It took 3 coats to even out, much like the similar shades OPI DR 1968 or SC Mint Tropics - why oh why do mints hate me so?

overcast, afternoon daylight
This particular shade of just barely touched with grey or brown mint, so cool yet so earthy and wearable, is an absolute fave of mine...and I have yet to find a polish that does this color without being a pain to put on.

Rating:  3 of 5 stars.  Le sigh.

Where to buy:  check out destashes and blog sales.



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