ILNP Peace

I think I love duochromes absolutely best of all the possible polish choices... yeah, even more than flakies and holo.  And arguably the queen of duochrome polishes is the mind behind ILNP.

indoor, CF lighting
From the 2014 summer collection, Peace is one of ILNP's "older" duochromes, and I picked up the regular version before the holo version was available.  It's a deep, rich purple that shifts into plenty of other mostly cool shades.

indoor, CF lighting
The bottle shot above and the arced fingers below show the full range of Peace's transition - no crazy underwater acrobatics necessary.  At low angles, it'll get all the way down to an inky sapphire blue, while at acute angles it'll go past magenta and on to gold and finally just a little bit of green.  IMHO all of these pics are color-accurate, this line of polishes all really do hit all of these colors.

window-filtered daylight
As is really consistent for all of ILNP's multichromes, in low light, there's a very smooth bordering on metallic chrome look to the finish, while a very fine shimmer appears in brighter lighting.

late afternoon bright sunlight makes a lovely magenta
The first coat goes on very sheer & patchy, to the point where you worry if it's going to work out.  No worries at all, 3 thin coats is flawlessly opaque and very smooth.  As an added bonus, cleanup is super easy, with nothing at all clinging to or staining cuticles.

and more bright sunlight catches the slide from ink to pink
Wear time is pretty good, with smooth, even edgewear after a couple of days, but no chipping.  The formula is also pretty forgiving to touch-ups if needed.

it's not typically green-bronze at arm's length but it does get there easily
Rating:  a super shifty 4 out of 5 stars.  You really can't go wrong with these.

Where to buy:  direct from ILNP.



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