a England Tristam + Baroness X Doomfire & Outrè Violet Opal

Baroness X released a version of Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire as the custom for the fan group late last year, instantly making a whole bunch of best-of-2015 lists with this - apparently, the creator of the legendary "unicorn pee" pigment was lost in the Japanese tsunami of 2011, and this is some of the very last stock of the genuine article.  I've seen plenty of luscious pics in said fan group, so taking my bottle for a spin over navy blue became a must-try ASAP.

indoor, CF lighting
Tristam, from a England's Mythicals collection, is a rich, dreamy navy blue scattered holo.  It's got the same formula as St George, which is to say it's an utterly perfect OCW.  I dabbed a bit of Baroness X Outrè Violet Opal on the tips, then covered all with a single layer of Doomfire.

window-filtered daylight
In low lighting, the glitter peeked out with a very similar shifty wink as the topcoat, but it was all but lost in the blinding shine in full sunlight.

outdoor, bright sunlight
Oh and there's very definitely a reason it's doomFIRE.

smouldery embers!
And yep, all the way from emerald to scarlet to bronze.

indoor, window-filtered overcast daylight
Rating:  Doomfire is of course a perfect 5/5.  Absolutely luscious.  Tristam is a 4 out of 5 star keeper too.

Where to buy:  Doomfire will be re-released in the BX fan group on facebook this autumn - jump in to grab a bottle.  a England's list of international stockists is here.



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