Femme Fatale Shockwave

My massive love for Femme Fatale is absolutely no secret at all.  There's always at least one in each new collection I need to snap up, and I honestly can't say that about any other maker, indie or mainstream.  Once or twice per year, she runs a sample sale, where prototypes and sketches are sold to the pack of wolves (we are not slow about gobbling them all up), and you need to be quick with the clicking to have enough luck to score one or two.  For luck with the sample sale was this week, I finally brought out the one single solitary sample I snagged last year, Shockwave.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Buckle up, this will be the most pic-heavy post ever, since this is literally the only bottle ever, and I full-on SWOONED over it.

outdoor, direct sunlight
Shockwave is a total chameleon that presses all my buttons.  The slate-teal base color is jam-packed with reddish-fuchsia and holo microglitters, some duochromatic shimmer, and Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire shifty red-to-green pigment.  With so much going on, it absolutely looks different in every type of lighting and with every tilt of my fingers.  Straight-on, it was purple:

outdoor, direct sunlight
At other times, the base color was more visible and the shimmer was closer to wine, suggesting this is a cousin to Art of Witchcraft.

outdoor, indirect sunlight
outdoor, late afternoon daylight
At acute angles, I got that gorgeous emerald green flash, hallmark of the wonderfully shifty 230/FF pigment.

outdoor, late afternoon daylight
window-filtered bright sunlight
The duochrome nature of whatever shimmer is going on was easy to see in lower lighting.

indoor, window-filtered daylight
window-filtered morning light
The microglitters were a little topcoat-hungry, eating one coat overnight and requiring a 2nd coat the next morning (similar glitters as Sideshow Sparkler?).

outdoor, late afternoon daylight
But that killer bronze shift and tiny rainbow sparkle more than outweighed any unevenness, and a thicker style glitter TC glassed over it fully.

purple to bronze to green YASSS


Rating:  obviously 5 out of 5 stars, a favorite gem in my collection.



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