Frenzy Polish Dauntless + Monkey Science!

I love me a good grey - it's my fave neutral.  And I love neutrals with sparkles - there's something that just gets me about holo or flakies or a duochrome shift peeking out of what is a plain, tasteful office appropriate sort of shade.  I had a big professional event this weekend, so a classy neutral was a must.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Frenzy Polish Dauntless is a cool taupe grey jelly filled with an assortment of iridescent gold hex glitter and very small ultrachrome flakes.  I'm showing it here in 2 coats; 3 would probably be opaque, but I was planning on stamping over it right away, so I was fine with a bit of translucency.  This is most definitely the sort of color that looks softly sexy with a little sheerness, and it was smooth and level for both of these coats, not at all streaky like some jellies can be.

outdoor, overcast daylight
My bottle and Frenzy's site both say Dauntless, but most all of the other swatches I found before purchase were of D 2.0.  I'd assume that once you'd moved on to the 2nd version, there you are, so I'm genuinely not sure which version I have, other than this is the most recent/current one as of February 2016.

outdoor, overcast light
The warm golden/copper glimmers from the glitter are very autumnal, so this will make a great fall color, too.

indoor, bright CF lighting
shady, late afternoon daylight
My scientific event this weekend called for some science stamping.  All fingers got a larger, more abstract image in MoYou London Silver Fox, then an overstamp with a smaller, more detailed image in Nanacoco Love Black.  I've used images from BundleMonster plates BM-409 and BM-418, no-name plate HK-06, and MoYou Zodiac series 18 & 21.

outdoor, bright daylight
My left hand was all monkey-themed, while my right was other animals and a biohazard symbol.  The bigger abstract designs let enough little flakies glimmer through, while the black-on-grey was really striking.

window-filtered daylight
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars, Dauntless had a good formula and a lovely color mix.  It wore quicker than I'd like, which is typical for jellies and me.



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