Dreamland Lacquer You Saucy Minx

MOAR shifty shimmer!!  

The man picked blue for today, and royal, bright blue is his fave, and this has been sitting too long in my untried mountain:  Dreamland You Saucy Minx.

indoor, CF lighting
Saucy is one of those shades where a lot of swatch pics should be checked out because color-accurate pics can be tricky - there's a reason most of mine are in bright natural sunlight.  The base is a luscious cobalt blue jelly, filled with 230/Fantasy Fire red-green shifting shimmer.  

outdoor, bright sunlight
The fiery red of this shimmer makes Saucy pull toward violet a good bit of the time, but I promise, it's true blue and not at all "blurple."

outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
The shift is readily apparent, going from red to copper to bronze to gold to green, like this stuff classically does.

window-filtered cloudy daylight
bright afternoon daylight
I think that Saucy is aiming to recreate the feel of Clarins 230/Fantasy Fire as worn over Revlon Royal - that's a classic combo for a reason, and it certainly works out great here.  

that emerald always makes me swooooon
outdoor, late afternoon sunlight
The VNL seen in some of these pics was much less apparent IRL than in macro pics, but of course preventable with an opaque base if that's your thing.  It took 3 coats to get to the opacity you see here, and I love the base color and resulting overall look too much to want to darken it up with an undie.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  a gorgeous 4 out of 5 stars, even managing to wear a bit better than jellies usually do on me.  

Where to buy:  direct from Dreamland (which sounds lovely, haha).



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