Girly Bits Street Magic

While 230/Fantasy Fire ("unicorn pee") shifting shimmer gets the lion's share of the attention, I've tried out a few polishes lately that had a gold-green shifty shimmer that appears to be the same brightness and particle size (e.g., Baroness X Quixotica).  A bottle of this other flavor of magic showed up at my house recently, and it inspired me to do a sort of tonal negative-space mani.

indoor, CF lighting
Girly Bits Street Magic is this lovely gold-to-green sparkling shimmer in a barely milky base (it might be in a clear base, and that's just the haze of the shimmer itself, not 100% sure).  It's a perfectly nice thickness for an effects topcoat, and I'm showing 2 layers here.

window-filtered bright sunlight
Street Magic is of course supposed to be used as a topcoat, and I'm sure it'd work fabulously for that as well.  The overall effect solo is that of barely-there translucent milky jade with loads of glowy embers.

late afternoon sunlight
I've stamped over it using BundleMonster BM-412 with MoYou London Midnight Green - this was one of MyL's first series of stamping polishes, which were opaque only over light colors, so are currently on sale for a discount.  You can see a little bit of sparkle and my free nail edge through the green, so indeed not super opaque, but works really pretty in this design.

outdoor, bright afternoon sunlight
 Though it's supposed to be just a topper, Street Magic wore great, without obvious edgewear at all for a couple of days.

window-filtered overcast light
This is my second go-round with stamping over something quite sheer for a less stark negative-space mani, and I really like the look.  Bonus:  stuff like this comes together super fast, since topcoats/sheers dry down so quickly that you can stamp over them right away.

indoor, bright CF lighting
Rating:  Street Magic is a solid 4 out of 5 stars.  Pretty effect, and pretty nice formula.

Where to buy:  direct from Girly Bits or one of her stockists.



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