a England Rose Bower

a England's Burne-Jones dream collection is a series of softly scattered holos (think subtle, tiny rainbow sparkles, not bold flames of prismatic rainbow) based on a series of sleeping beauty paintings.  The rose red shade is called Rose Bower.

indirect natural sunlight
 It's not really a bold fire-engine RED, but softer, more rosy.  I'm not often a fan of true reds, since they can make my already pale skin look paper-white, but this one is very wearable.

Nearly a one-coater, there's two here, but adding the second didn't deepen or alter the color at all.  Like most of this brand I've tried, the formula is about perfect: neither thick nor runny, very self-leveling, and glossy even before topcoat.

the white-ish shadows? reflection of the snow out the window.  srsly.
The holo in this polish is very subtle indeed.  It's really more a suggestion of sparkle that gives the color more depth than it is a recognizable holographic.  Wear time was about average on me (minor edgewear after 3+ days), which was actually just a little disappointing since other a England polishes wear like iron on me.  That thought reminded me that this looked a whole lot like my other red a England, Perceval.

Perceval on the left, Rose Bower on the right
Perceval is a rich, bold fire-engine red, and likewise mostly done in one coat.  The basic color of the two is very similar, once you account for the softening impact of the holo particles, but Perceval is more intensely red and glowy.  The non-holo version also wears longer on me.

same order, L - Perceval, R - Rose Bower
Rating: a solid 4 stars.  The rich color got me some compliments this week, and the near one-coat intensity means that it's a great base for layering other things without getting a thick chunky mani if it's too plain for you.

Where to buy:  shipping polish out of the UK is apparently challenging enough that a England doesn't ship direct, but check out the complete list of their international stockists to pick your fave store.



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