Harlequin Doll by Pahlish

Harlequin Doll was a LE offered by Pahlish in December.   I snatched it up because deep purple!  Holo! Scattered Holo! (I'm loving scattereds more than linears right now).

And then in the running cosmic joke that's been taking place since the spring, the sun went away.  Every time I put on a holo the sun leaves.  I will wear a holo and fly to another state and still, no sun (I thwarted that today, you'll see tomorrow)

So this is HD, in the rain, while I wait for the bus (still beautiful):

That's right... I'm balancing an umbrella on my head to get this shot.
I think it's one of the most gorgeous polishes I own, but it doesn't wear well for me.  I might have to experiment with different base/top coats to make it work.

But Friday night I went to a movie and the theatre lights brought out the bling:

BAM!  It looks more brown in these very yellow toned lights, but hey, sparkles!

MOAR sparkles!

This is the wear I had after one day.  It was some of the worst I'd had in a while.
Next morning.  During a tornado warning, because the weather gods hate me and my polish. 
You can really see the wear here.

So this polish?  Absolutely beautiful, but the chemistry is not working for me.   I'd recently switched to Glisten & Glow's HK Topcoat, which is the bomb.  But I might try Seche Vite with this polish in the future.  I don't have shrinkage or cloudy issues like others report, so I don't foresee any problems.  I hope the wear gets better, I'd hate to take this one out of my (somewhat large) polish arsenal.

Harlequin Doll is (currently) no longer available from Pahlish (sorry).



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