Blackheart by UD

First post, first post-New Year's polish.

This is Blackheart by Urban Decay.   I love Urban Decay's makeup and while trying to get to the magical "free shipping" number, I stumbled into their polishes.  Other reviews made it look and sound good, and sweet babies, it's good.  It's a polish version of one of the eye-shadows from the Naked3 palette.

It's decently pigmented, and has some serious depth.   Since putting it on, I haven't seen the sun, so I only have one light shot of it.

Blackheart by UD with flash

It looks completely different in the bottle - in most lighting, the bottle looks charcoal or brown, but it's a deep purple.  There's a lot of purple & red shimmer in it for me, and I love it.  I've had it on for 5 days with nary a chip and minimal tipwear.

You can find it at Urban Decay, it's a smallish bottle, only 9mL, and it's $15, so not a cheapie.



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