Wing Dust Steel Town Girl

For my first post this year, I have one of my big lemmings from 2013, Wing Dust's Steel Town Girl.  From the first time i saw the swatch pics on Llarowe, I knew I had to have it, but this one has proven to be more than a little tricky to snag during restock frenzy.  Huge thanks to Suzy for swiping me one!

Steel Town Girl is a dusty aqua with blue-green shard glitter and gold flakes.  The holo is linear and visible in most lighting, but not in-your-face scorching rainbows.

indoor with flash to bring out the holo

The polish itself is on the thin side, I assume to allow the flakes to be seen through the base color.  I needed 3 quick, thin coats for opacity (this polish does not like to be over-manipulated, and will drag if you swipe the brush over the same area).

more flash.  notice my flakes are not so even  :(

The product description did warn me that some patience would be necessary when dealing with the flakes.  I was pretty successful on my thumb and pinky here, but my middle 3 fingers had decidedly less gold flakes on them.

if they all looked just like this, I'd be happy

Penelope Luz Midas to the rescue:

Gold flake topcoats were one of last year's trendy things, and I don't have a preference between different brands in the same concept.  I picked this one up for under $10 during a sale on Color 4 Nails, far cheaper than the OPI version.  Some of the flakes are smaller than I'd really like, but the coverage is always great without needing to dab to place them.  Yes, i went overboard on correcting the scarcity of the gold, but hey, bling!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.  Love the color and the holo, wish the gold was a little more consistent, but an easily solved issue.

Where to buy:  Wing Dust can be found on her etsy site or on Llarowe.



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