Pahlish - Fleur de Sel

Pahlish's Fleur de Sel...
It's supposed to be reminiscent of the Himalayan pink salt that you see gracing the stores and foodies's dinner tables these days, and the pink flakes do convey that feeling, but I want the base to be less.... white.

And if I wear it again, I will franken it to make the base pinker.   It's a perfectly lovely polish, if that's your thing, but it didn't work for me.

I was a little annoyed with the application because it was much thicker than I'm used to.

Fluorescent lighting

Evening sunlight

Indoor, incandescent

Another indoor/incandescent.
I like Pahlish overall, this was just a mis-step on my part.  It's just not me (though I love salt, I think I just overlooked the color for the theme).



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