Green Holo Comparison Time!

I forgot to add this to the initial post, and then decided I was too lazy to edit <g>

When I grabbed LL's Emerald, I thought that I might as well test run a couple of other green holos that seemed pretty close - Color by Llarowe's Gizmo and a England's Dragon.

And this is what happened:

Indoor Natural lighting

Direct Sun

You have no idea how long it took me to position my fingers to hold the bottles like that.
Indoor, incandescent;  they look the closest here.

Basically, they are close-ish, but there are no dupes.   Gizmo is not nearly s dark as I was hoping, and it flashes a lot more blue than I'm happy with.  When I purchased it, there were just a couple of blogger light-box photos, which put it at a perfect color for me, so there is that (read: why I will never lightbox this stuff, even if the pictures are prettier).   In most lights, Emerald is close (but not identical to) Dragon.  The key difference between them is that Dragon is a scattered holo, while Emerald is a linear.   To be honest, I like Dragon the most, but I wanted to give Emerald a whirl after I killed myself in the last restock to get it.




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