Emerald by LacquerLust

Since the sun was actually out yesterday, I rushed to put on a holo I have been itching to try.   It's Emerald by Lacquer Lust - part of their Birthstone collection.  Since that collection kept selling out, I feel rather lucky to get a couple of bottles of it.

Incandescent lighting

Natural lighting inside.

Inside, natural lighting

Direct Sun

I love using my garden as a prop (broccoli).  Direct Sun
Sun - Killer fire.

Emerald is what I've found is closest to a nice true green in a linear holo.  Most linear holos flash very blue and start to teal on me, and teal gives me lobster hands... and is not one of my more favorite colors to wear anyway.  The wear on this was pretty solid, I didn't have much in the way of tipwear or anything while I was wearing it (yeah, I've already changed polishes, I have a trip coming up!)

I like the formula, it was easy and self leveling, and I didn't have a problem with top coats.



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